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Shear: 3/8'' x 12' shearing capability
Brake: 12' 200 ton capacity with precise bend on steel, aluminum, and stainless steel

Leon's Welding & Fabrication, LLC is a family business, owned and operated by Leon and Melinda Pfannenstiel. Leon's is a small manufacturing/job shop employing fifteen employees. Leon's has a small fleet of five portable welding service trucks, each capable of welding steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, a mobile sandblasting and media blasting service, and a powder coating division.  

Leon has been welding and designing metal projects for over 30 years. Leon is a pipeline welder and carries an API 1104 certification and is certified with a number of oil and gas companies. He also spends much of his time working with clients going over their blueprints and/or designing their projects. Along with managing the company, Leon also works in the shop overseeing his employees on their projects as well as construction of his own projects.

Melinda manages the office and is the safety coordinator and operations director of the business.

Leon's Welding & Fabrication, LLC's credentials can be found on ISNetworld.


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